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Our Mission

The WillThrive Foundation provides access to clinical mental health care services for teens experiencing mental health issues not related to addiction or substance abuse in San Marcos, TX and the surrounding areas.

Anxiety and depression among teens has increased with COVID-19. As we transition to a post COVID world, WillThrive continues to be a channel for access to clinical mental health care.

Welcome to 2022!

2021 is behind us! We are looking forward to 2022. We will continue to provide access to clinical mental health therapy to youth 18 and under. Here is a look back at 2021!

We have several programs planned as well as more community initiatives.

San Marcos Clinical Therapy Services for Children 18 and Under

Are you looking for local clinical therapy services for children under 18 years old here in the San Marcos, TX area (virtual at this time of COVID-19, in-person when it is safe)?

Please click the link below to obtain a WillThrive referral to our partner, Vida Clinic.

WillThrive Referral Form


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WillThrive’s Origin Story

William, our son, suffered from anxiety and depression and died of suicide on August 27, 2020. This foundation is building a legacy in his name to help other teens find the compassionate care services they need.

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326 North LBJ Drive #809.
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